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Katrina is a Licensed Professional Hairstylist who has been styling hair for over 20 Years.
*Styling hair to present a positive and confident attitude*

I started styling hair in my teenage years. As I reached my adult years, I continued to style hair on the side while working in the corporate world. I was inspired by my life coach and childhood friend (Dr. Keschia Matthews) to turn my hobby into my dream career. After constantly being laid off, I decided to take control over my career and life.
I started dedicating my time to hairstyling. I love to grow and maintain healthy hair. I specialize in growing hair, weaves, haircuts, and styling children’s hair. However,my services does not stop there. My main objective is that you achieve the hairstyle that you love and will compliment a positive and confident attitude when you leave my chair! Your hairstyle will blend in with the everyday changes life can bring. Changez Hair Salon will assist in obtaining your changing look. For Consultation call: (832)-236-4435 or simply send an E-mail

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